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    Welcome to the free roof surface area calculator.
    Our approach: we calculate the roof area by splitting the roof into geometric shapes, we determine the surface area of each individual shape and then we add them up together for your convenience.
    We are not asking for pitch but we need the roof rise to calculate all other dimensions (which we hope is far easier to obtain).

Our principles

Calculus simplicity!

We are doing lots of calculations in the background in order to ask you for fewer dimensions - we are computing some dimensions based on the ones you provide.

We aim to ask only for the dimensions which are easy to be provided without advanced technical knowledge.

Uniform dimensions
Uniform roof dimensions!

Because we are trying to make the calculations simpler, we have to assume that your roof dimensions are uniform.

We assume that the mirrored length dimensions and angles are equal so we can only ask for them once. Because of this, the roofing dimensions are ideal.

We value your feedback
We value your feedback!

We aim to further improve our website and the services we provide, therfore we encourage you to contact us with any observations or comments you might have regarding the calculations or the roofing shapes. We can add more shapes or calculations if you are requesting them.

Everything is FREE
Everything is FREE!

All informations and services on this website are free!

Please be aware that those informations are generic and for informational purposes only! They should not be used in any way for purchasing materials or other similar purposes! When you get to building, you need to talk with a specialist!