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We created this online roof calculator for all the small constructors or DIY house owners.
It is not intended as a tool for professionals nor as a way to give you figures for the purchase of equipment, but it is very useful if you want to get quick estimates before starting a serious investment.
We are trying to make things easy and intuitive and we are actively researching and further developing this tool - trying to make it more accurate and more user friendly.

Please let us know what you think about our calculators - we are looking to improve them so we welcome all your comments or suggestions.
You can contact us at [email protected] or by leaving comments on the pages (see comments sections on bottom of the pages).

How it happened

"Kai Roofing Calculator" was launched in March 2019 but our story dates way back.
Maybe 10 years ago - 2009, we created a tool for house design - www.plan-casa.ro
This website had also a very small roof calculator - and we were very pleased to discover people were using it.

The calculator worked on the same principles:
- make it easy for the user,
- we do the calculations,
- ask only for the dimensions people might know from the top of their heads without the need to actually climb on the roof to measure it.
- everything is free!
It took us a some time to turn this small idea into something which could be really useful but we hope it's worth the try.

Future plans

We are going to further develop our calculators. We want to develope more roof shape calculators, translate the website to more languages, make more articles on important roof related topics.
Please write to us if you are a roof specialist (or not) and you would like to see certain features on our website - we would like to hear what our users need.


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Very useful and user friendly - thank you! TM New Zealand
Thanks TMars - we are very glad you find this useful!
Valeriu Stefu
Este foarte caritabil ce faceti, ar fi la fel de interesant un programel care sa estimeza costul cu materialele unei case simple.
Alex (admin)
Multumim Valeriu Stefu