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Panta este exprimata in grade sau procente in tarile care folosesc sistemul metric, pe cand in tarile care folosesc sistemul imperial, panta este exprimata ca raport al inaltimii / baza. In US, in loc de intreaga baza, se folosesc doar 12 inchi iar panta se calculeaza ca numarul de inchi cu care acoperisul se ridica la o lungime a bazei de 12 inchi.

Calculeaza inclinatia pantei din lungimea bazei si inaltimea acoperisului #

roof pitch
*Toate campurile sunt obligatorii:
Unghi panta (grade) =
Inclinatia pantei (%) =
Pitch x:12 (US) =
Rafter Length: =
* Pentru numere cu zecimale, folositi notatia cu punct! (.)
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Pat Foisey
when Calculating the Roof Pitch from Rise and Run. your form should give the answer for rafter lenth othherwise i like this site.
Thanks Pat, we are considering your suggestion.
Yep... Would be awesome to get rafter length based on rise and run. Also, a bird mouth cut would be great to have.
Alex (admin)
Thanks SND I will do it right now. How will a "bird mouth cut" help? I am not sure I understand what dimensions you need here?
Foarte bună aplicația! O recomand!